i98FM Illawarra Convoy Weekend Event

 Weekend Event
i98FM Illawarra Convoy

Kyle Bay Removals doing their part to support kids with cancer in the i98FM Illawarra convoy on the weekend. An event our warehouse manager Craig and his long term partner, Elva hold dear their hearts. Sadly Elva passed earlier this year.

Elva, Craig and Kyle Bay have shown their support to this convoy for many years and will continue to do so for years to come.


Kyle Bay Removals is Keeping on with Kindness

It’s been a tough month for the crew at Kyle Bay, and it will continue to be for the next month with only have 4 people able to work during the lockdowns.
We are booked to capacity and our guys are working hard everyday to meet our companies and customers expectations.
Above is a picture of the lunch our guys were shouted after a big day yesterday! We thank our customers for being so understanding and generous during these hard times!
We can’t wait to be able to have the whole gang back at it to complete all your relocation needs!
Thanks again, Kyle Bay Removals team.