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Save time, space, damage, breakages and stress.
Whether it’s just packing or just unpacking or both, you’ll benefit from our expertise and efficiency in the moving process. the more you take advantage of our optional removalist services and get us involved. You don’t need to be elderly, accident prone or lazy to make use of our preparatory services – for most of our customers it’s about getting the job done properly, learning from people in the know for future reference, avoiding breakages and maintaining the safety and integrity of expensive important furniture units and appliances.

Packing Services


Kitchen essentials you don’t want packed away might include: dishwashing liquid and tea towel, snacks and coffee (!), garbage bags, pet food and dish, and all-purpose cleaner. Our services include…

  • Plate and crockery protection
  • Sharps and Utensil wrapping
  • Fridge and machine preparation
  • Glassware protection and safety
  • Box allocation, packing and labeling
  • Appliance dismantling and safety
  • Bedroom

    Bedroom essentials you don’t want packed away might include a change of clothes for everyone, shower curtain, toilet paper, your alarm clock and other beside needs, and a snooze pillow in the case of a long distance move. Our services include…

    • Bed (and waterbed) dismantling and re-assembly
    • Clothes packing (including robe cartons)
    • Drawer and door fastening
    • Box packing and labeling
      • Living room

        Things to add to your essentials box might include remote control, home phone, wifi/modem and The Castle DVD. Our services include…

        • Flatscreen TV packaging and boxing
        • Frames and valuables safety
        • Sofa, cabinet, unit dismantling and protection
        • Cabinet dismantling, packing and re-assembly
        • Appliance and TV connection and tuning
        • Boxing and labeling

        Dining room

        Our services include…

        • Protection of valuables/breakables
        • Furniture/unit dismantling and re-assembly
        • Box packing and labeling
        • Chair/upholstery protection


        Don’t graunch yourself on that old pergola or the aluminium shed panels, let us do what we do everyday, quickly and safely…

        • Shed dismantling and reassembly
        • Box packing and labeling
        • Tool and machinery protection
        • Plant and garden packing