Moving Tips and FAQs

Tips on PreparingTips on Preparing

Now is the perfect time to sort through your belongings, declutter, donate, sell or dispose of items you no longer need.  This can take extra stress out of your move and reduce what you will need to have moved to your new home.

Fridges and freezers need to be cleaned out and defrosted 24 hours prior to your moving day, so you may need to consider consuming all perishables before hand. Washing machines and dishwashers also need to be dry, disconnected and have no water left in their hose.

You can always email or call us with any questions, issues or information you think may be important before moving day comes. Leaving it until the last minute could disrupt your moving experience.

If you are dismantling furniture yourself, make sure you have snap lock bags ready and remember to tape the bags of bolts, screws and the instruction sheets to the item so they don’t get lost.

Take advantage of our in-home visitation service so we can accurately prepare the best resources and pricing for your move.


What items cannot be transported?
To ensure safe transit of deliveries, we are unable to handle or transport flammable materials, explosives, corrosives or other dangerous goods.

Can you move my piano/pool table?
We can arrange transport for your specialty items.  Just be sure to let us know of any heavy or specialty upfront so we can accommodate for them.

Can you offer prepacking/unpacking?
Our experienced packing team can help take the hassle out of moving day prepartion with either a full house pack or partial packing for just your kitchen and breakables.

We also offer valet unpacking, transforming your carton-filled house into a functional home in just a day!

Check out our Packing page for more information.

Should I get insurance for removals?
Whilst Removalists take the utmost care with your possessions, unforeseeable accidents can sometimes happen.  As part of membership qualification, members must have public liability insurance, third party property and motor vehicle insurance and carriers legal liability insurance.

How much will it cost to use your services?
Contact our office so we can discuss your needs in detail and organise a tailored quote for you.

How soon will you send a quote?
We will contact you within 24 hours on business days.

Are you able to service my area?
We service all metro areas in capital cities across Australia.

How do you determine how much storage will cost?
The cost of your storage will depend on how much you need to store and how long you wish to store for.

Where will my storage be held?
We have storage warehouses in Punchbowl, NSW and Sumner, QLD with various sizes and options to suit your needs.
Check out our Storage page for more information.

How does your Pet Transport work?
Our Pet Transport is a great option for moving your furry friends.  Our experienced professionals will pick your pet up from your home and transport your pet in a safe, comfortable and stress-free way.

What are the costs for your Pet Transport service?
Relocating your pet will depend on how far you need to travel and also the size of your pet, so talk to our friendly staff and we will work out the best options for you and your pet.