About Us

Back in the 1980’s we built our family-owned company with the help of the Aussie families and friends in our local communities. After 30 years of operation, we have grown and adapted our operations, however, our belief in looking out for others and enjoying our work has not changed.

There are three main components of a successful removal – the work, the relationship, and the customer experience. In this regard, over the past 30 years we have built an ethos that combines professionalism, care, and efficiency. We aim to satisfy all three of these key performance areas in our business, and you will see our core values come through in things like our attention to detail and particular regard for your situation and preferences. Our core values continue to guide us today, ensuring each and every project is a success.

Interestingly, people always tend to remember their removalists, and what we enjoy most about our work is being that calming, enjoyable influence during a tumultuous time in people’s lives. We hope you’ll remember us and the quality of our work long after you’ve settled in. For removals in Sydney, country New South Wales, the North Coast, Brisbane, Australia-wide interstate or internationally, look no further than Kyle Bay Removals and our network of removalist companies for all your relocation needs. Well make you glad you chose us.