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Self Storage

Need to safe-keep your belongings for a few days or weeks? Opt for Kyle Bay Removals self-storage services to pack them in one of our warehouses.


Since our establishment in 1988, our goal was to perfect our self-storage warehouses, modules, and containers so that you can be certain your belongings are safely stored. Our facilities are monitored and insured 24/7 and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. With Kyle Bay Removals you will not have to worry about any potential damages – opt for our self-storage services, pack your belongings and pick them up in the same exact state as you left them.

Quality packing materials

We offer top quality modules and storage containers made to keep your smallest and most fragile items in place.


Have any special requests that no other self-storage and removal company can meet? Don’t hesitate to tell us all about them – we have a team of experts who will draft a personalised plan to meet your needs and strict schedule. Kyle Bay Removals is also ready to handle any last minute requests – we always have a team of people ready to prioritise you over everyone else!


In case you have any additional questions or need advice on how to handle packing and storing in your specific case, feel free to contact our dedicated help center. We boast a friendly and professional customer service team who is at your disposal during regular Australian business hours. To get in touch for free, simply call 1300 561 333.